A new beginning

Wed. August 29, 2012 12:00 AM
by Bill Pritchard

Recently my Best Friend Isaiah moved to New York, to further pursue his career in fashion. This was something he talked about since meeting him, all those years ago. I've been so proud of his courageous steps to pick up his life and move to the east coast. (Never an easy thing to do.)

As we counted down the days to his departure we both went out of our way to spend extra time together; creating fun moments and memories. One such memory making moment was a simple walk in the park. We had just finished Saturday morning breakfast, a reoccurring meal we've enjoyed over the years, and decided to venture out.

Anyone in Chicago will tell you, a walk through Lincoln Park can be so relaxing. At one point we came across a flock of geese and their babies. Isaiah opened up his backpack and pulled out a loaf of bread I'd given him, from the farmers market, and suggested we feed them. I don't recall feeding birds in the park since I was a kid with my Sainted Mom. This was one of those moments I knew I wouldn't forget.

As we fed the geese, I took the moment and appreciated my best friend. I'd been really mindful of his aforementioned move and how it would impact him. What I hadn't realized until just this moment was that his leaving could also mean a few changes for me as well. Change is a part of life. Like it or not, it's what keeps things fresh and new.

No Fear Year
From my perspective, Isaiah's dream to move to New York really got a decisive push on December 31, 2011. We were joined by my Bosom Friend David Beal, to celebrate New Year's Eve over dinner at Chicago's famed Pump Room. Afterwards we went to Isaiah's flat and enjoyed a few bottles of Veuve Clicquot and some fellowship. I seriously could have died that evening; I was so happy. My two favorite friends, Veuve Clicquot, and great conversation!

One of the many conversation points was what each of us wanted to do in the year 2012. Not much of a New Year's resolution type of group, we all had great goals nonetheless. Isaiah spoke up and shared his desire to move in New York, but admitted he was unsure how to do it. He then told us about a saying that he and some friends had about his goal. . . "No Fear Year!". What a great motto!

Why Wait?
On our walk in the park, five months later, I asked Isaiah what it was he wanted to do differently now that he realized his goal of living in New York. Had he made any determinations about new steps, a change in outlook, or a desire to be/do things out of his norm? As I was asking those questions I realized that I needed to ask them of myself as well.

What about you? Why on earth should we wait until the New Year to ask those questions of ourselves? What new steps can you take? How about your outlook? Could it use a tweak? Perhaps it's time for a change in how you do things. We don't need to wait for a reason to resolve. The momentous moment can come, anywhere, anytime, with our decision to improve ourselves.

It took my Best Friend's departure to remind me that life moments occur throughout the year and are perfect for asking those questions and taking new actions. Perhaps it's time for a new beginning for you as well? I think you'll find the difference well worth the effort!