Ladies Night Out

Mon. November 15, 2004 12:00 AM
by DJ Plez

Be on the look out for the following tracks to possible rock your world in the near future.

They” by Jem (ATO Records) – You have probably heard Jem’s songs played on the hit television show, The OC, and may have even purchased her debut full-length album, Finally Woken , when it was released earlier in the summer. Five mixes of the track “They” have been released with the Cut Chemist Remix having the most accessible groove among the bunch. The MDK and Ayesha Mix has some progressive elements to it while the Photek Remix is a bold, daring, and energetic techno mix of exceptional quality. This last mix is the best of the bunch in my opinion but will probably appeal to the least number of listeners.
(Available 11/23 at and at Borderline Music)

Free Me” by Emma (19 Recordings/UMVD) – Emma does have a last name and it’s Bunton. That may not still ring a bell with you so you should also know that she was Baby Spice of the Spice Girls phenomenon on the 1990s. Her album Free Me was released last spring to much acclaim (domestic release here in the U.S. is scheduled for January 2005). The remixes of the title track “Free Me” by Full Intention and Dr. Octavio are infectious and should be well received on dance floors where vocals are a premium. The Full Intention mix has a groovin’ bass line supporting Emma’s lyrical wanting to be able to love and to seduce the object of her desire. Dr. Octavio’s mix is a bit more deliberately paced with a Euro-progressive feel that makes it perfect for a music video. The Spice Girls are proving over time - with the success of Gerri Halliwell Melanie C and now Emma - that the sum of their parts in deed may have been greater than the whole.
(Now available at and at Borderline Music)

What You Waiting For” by Gwen Stefani (Universal International)
The most beautiful girl in rock music has struck out on her own (Stefani is best known as the lead singer of the group No Doubt) and is about to release her debut solo album Love, Angel, Music, Baby (in stores on November 23, 2004). “What You Waiting For” is the first single from the new album and should please current Stefani/No Doubt fans as well as resonate in new ears unfamiliar with her or the group. On the hard charging original track, Stefani’s voice is backed by an infectious electro beat that harkens back to the 1980s new wave/punk vibe. The Jacques Lu Cont Twd Remix is less exciting than the original version, but is more dance friendly. (More dance remixes may be on the way.) This is a terrific first effort for the solo Stefani, a woman with real talent to back up her gorgeous looks.
(Available 11/23 at and at Borderline Music)