Wed. November 3, 2004 12:00 AM
by Liz Staten

G’day Mate! Thanks for joining me again this month on our tour. Before I begin, I must admit to you that Ol’ Toygasms here is going through a rough time. Having just broken up with my girlfriend of two years, I’m a little heart broken. However, it does give me more time to test out toys. (giggles) But please, if it seems like my OHHHH aren’t quite as perky today, you’ll know why.

Today we will stroll past the wands, and wander past the tempting vibrators and right straight into the land of dildos.

Here on your left you will see our Traditional Dildo. It is shaped like a phallus, or basically almost like a penis. There are some like the “Bogart”($59.00 at Toys in Babeland) that almost resemble the male organ exactly, down to the tiny veins in the head. In fact, they're often cast from molds fashioned from real penises. These dildos are often made of jelly like substances such as silicon or rubber. Which makes the soft, flexible and most like human skin. There are even dildos out there today that are covered in something called “Cyber skin” that look and feel like the real thing.

I give this toy 3 amazing orgasms OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH OHHHHHHH

For those of us who enjoy the penetration but aren’t quite looking for a real life (well almost) penis to be in the bedroom, there are others such as the “Bobby Sue” ($54.00 at Toys in Babeland) that look nothing like a penis at all. They are more of a supple, smooth, and frictionless toy. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, lengths, widths and textures.

The craziest dildos I have ever seen were shaped like dolphin. Being a huge fan of dolphins and a lover of dildos I was amazed by this “creature” and HAD to bring it home. However, let me tell you that I couldn’t quite bring myself to insert my wet friend Flipper into my vagina. (hehe) I just couldn’t do it. But whatever gets you off right? I wish you better luck if this sounds like something you’d want to try.

No OHHH’s or orgasms for Flipper. Maybe he rest in peace…

Now this is where we get to the good stuff. The slip and slide stuff. The stuff I live for G’spot Dildos!!! My favorite of all time is called the Mint Silk. ($29.00 at My Pleasures) This is a G-Spot dildo with a lengthy, smooth shafts and an arched tip.

A G’spot dildo is designed to hit a woman's G-Spot. (Duh) But it isn’t as easy as one may think. It is that hard to find area about three inches into the vaginal canal. Just remember not all women enjoy G’spot stimulation. However if you are unsure, trying it you just might like it. I know I do.

This hot spot dildo get 5 outstanding orgasms from me this month

Well Kiddies, that’s all from your guru this month. I promise I will be back next month with more toys, more orgasms, and more fun.

Next month: Strap On (harnesses)