Feature Column: Screen Savor


10/15/2016 - Screen Savor: Holocaust horrors

09/21/2016 - Screen Savor: Reeling 2016
Comedies, dramas and docs, oh my!: Selected highlights of Reeling 2016

09/16/2016 - Screen Savor: Family and foreign affairs
The Hollars is a cookie-cutter affair

08/22/2016 - Screen Savor: Hell and back
Kubo and the Two Strings is sure to be remembered at Oscar time

08/04/2016 - Screen Savor: Indignant
'Indignation genuinely transports the viewer to another time and place

07/31/2016 - Screen Savor: Fantastic society crimes
Fantastic society crimes... Screen Savor movie reviews

07/22/2016 - Screen Savor: Fabulous collision
Absolutely Fabulous will never go out of style

07/15/2016 - Screen Savor: Heroes and villains

07/01/2016 - Screen Savor: Tickled man

06/22/2016 - Screen Savor: What’s (not) so funny?

05/27/2016 - Screen Savor: Love & friendship through the lookin
Screen Savor: Love & friendship through the looking glass

05/19/2016 - Screen Savor: Meddler, monster and lobster
'Money Monster', a thought-provoking swipe at Wall Street

05/11/2016 - Screen Savor: Us and them
'That’s Not Us' is a sweet, if forgettable, movie

05/06/2016 - Screen Savor: Viva
Viva, a Cuban drag queen drama, is a movie with a message

04/29/2016 - Screen Savor: Cat and mouse
'Green Room' is heart pounding; while 'Keanu' stinks like a litter box

03/30/2016 - Screen Savor: Sweet and light

03/24/2016 - Screen Savor: Gay teen screen scene

03/18/2016 - Screen Savor: Dystopia and that ‘topia

03/04/2016 - No secret anymore
Screen Savor: No secret anymore

02/19/2016 - Screen Savor: Athletic supporters

02/05/2016 - Oscar-worthy?
Nominated... but Oscar-worthy?

01/30/2016 - Based on queer, true events

09/16/2015 - That Reeling feeling
Reviews and selections for Reeling 2015, Sept. 17 - 24

10/26/2012 - Screen Savor: Stories in song
Stories in Song: Katy Perry and Fantasia Barrino

09/13/2012 - Screen Savor: Floor shows
Out on DVD, "Leave It On The Floor" and "Play in the Gray"

08/02/2012 - The Big C, GCB and Pants Off and Tired Hooker
Cancer, Christians and Comedy now out on DVD

04/27/2012 - Screen Savor: Men on the verge
Men on the verge: "Shame" and "Rampart" on DVD

04/20/2012 - W.E. bought a zoo
Cameron Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo", Madonna's "W.E." out on DVD

03/08/2012 - Based on true stories
Screen savor: Based on true stories

02/23/2012 - Philadelphia stories
Philadelphia stories now out on DVD