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Meet GoPride.com's Model of the Month, Jack
Photos by Josh Veloso
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Jack Perotinus recently moved to Chicago from New York City and currently resides in Edgewater neighborhood. "It's a clean beautiful friendly cultured city," he says of his new hometown. "After eleven years in New York City, it's refreshing to live somewhere which really "gets" what city living is supposed to be like."

"I always love to get outside on a bike," he says when asked about his favorite work-out activities. "At the gym, I rotate through a nine-day cycle that puts a bit more emphasis on legs than the standard four-day."

The 40-year old hunk grew up in Cape Neddick, Maine and completed his Bachelors, with some post-bachelors study, in music composition at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore.

He is a classical musician, a singer, tubist and composer. "My work takes me traveling all over," Perotinus says. "And I finally have my first singing gig in Chicago in April."

Perotinus has a giant heart and is a proponent of many LGBT youth charities and organizations. He shares that he is a supporter of "anything that has to do with supporting gay and marginalized youth in communities where their choices or intrinsic identity makes them pariahs."

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