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Meet GoPride.com's Model of the Month, Dan
Photos by Dave Ouano
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GoPride's June 2012 Model of the Month, Dan Hicks has always called the Midwest his home. Born in Evanston and raised in Hinsdale and Deerfield, he currently resides in the Lakeview neighborhood.

The 25 year old model graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2008 and is currently an entrepreneur running his own personal training company at www.shredded-fitness.com.

For fitness, Dan enjoys doing anything outside for the summer. "I'm Crossfit junkie," he says, "I love challenging myself with things I have never done before or am not good at."

When asked about his love for the Windy City, Dan says as he laughs, "the best thing about Chicago is the summer and the people. Its a clean city with lots to do in the summer, and the people are for the most part down to earth and fun-loving."

In his free time, Dan volunteers at PAWS (Pets are worth saving). "When I was 12, I mowed the neighbors yards for an entire summer, and saved up to buy a dog. I bought the dog even though my parents said I couldn't. She was a member of the family and passed away a few months ago. Dogs love without hesitation, so all dogs deserve our love and attention."