A GoPride Interview

Esera Tuaolo

Esera Tuaolo interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. June 16, 2004  by Matt Inawat

Esera Tuaolo
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CP: Alright, let's continue with the questions!

CP: You're in a committed relationship of over 8 years. Today you and Mitchell are the proud parents of beautiful twins, Matio Mitchell and Michele Mainaivasa. While growing up and struggling with your sexuality did you ever envision yourself being so happy? You must be very proud.

ET: No - and yes! I say "no," because of the homophobic profession I was in - and "yes!" becuase I always had HOPE!

CP: When coming out, did you ever expect that you'd become a gay "role model"?

ET: No! But I have accepted the blessing and I feel tremendously grateful to have the opportunity to help and educate people.

CP: What message do you want send to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth, especially youth athletes, who are struggling with their sexuality?

ET: That they are LOVED!!!

Also, when they decide to live in their truth, that we, the gay community, will be here to welcome them home!

As for the GLBT athlete, I feel your pain and I am there for you. I can be contacted at my website, www.eseratuaolo.com.

My final message is "Look within yourself and others who you trust for advice. Hold on to your spirituality or to someone you believe in to help you through your hard times."

"We all have the same story, just told in different ways. As young GLBT members of the community, all you need to know is that you are loved!"

CP: How do you feel being chosen as Grand Marshall of the Chicago parade?

ET: I have always dreamed about being "out and proud!" I keep pinching myself to confirm that this is real.

This is how I feel about being Grand Marshall of the Chicago Pride: "*************" There are no words to express how excited I am. Thank you Chicago for all your support!


CP: Esera, once again, thanks! We just can't wait to see you lead the 35th annual Chicago Pride parade on June 27th! ChicagoPride.com will be right behind you all the way!

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Interviewed by Matt Inawat. Ron Matthew Inawat is president of the GoPride Network and contributes to ChicagoPride.com, PrideLA.com and other sites within the GoPride Network.