Fabulous New Duo: Adam and Steve

Sun. September 21, 2003 12:00 AM by Greg Drescher

Chicago Native Leads the Music Pair

Chicago, IL - Charles West and Joe Conz, the hot new dance duo known as ADAM AND STEVE are on a mission: to revolutionize the dance floor with their explosive male vocals. From sultry, erotic, sensuous ballads to arms-flailing, fist-pounding, booty-shaking circuit anthems, these boys are ready to shake things up.

“ADAM AND STEVE is about breaking down barriers,” explains Charles, a Chicago native who is the leader of the pair, identified by his piercing blue eyes and chiseled body. “First we had to deal with the stigma of being male vocalists in a genre dominated by divas but with each performance the enthusiastic response from the crowds affirmed that there was a definite hunger for the sound of a man’s voice.”

“We each have our own unique sound,” continues Joe, who hails from upstate New York. His equally sculpted form confirms that he too, is no stranger to the gym. “I’m a smooth tenor while Charles’ voice climbs the scale from Barry White bass all the way up to the whale of a dance floor diva.”

The two began their musical journeys on the theatrical stage and have performed all around the world including Tokyo, Berlin, Nashville and Broadway.

“Being on Broadway was incredible and I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished in the theatre,” says Charles, “but in theatre, you’re still just a small piece of someone else’s dream. It was Joe’s similar dream of being a recording artist that brought us together to create something of our own.”

The duo began writing songs together and within a few months were performing at New York night spots. Their first track was “Last Man Standing”, an inspirational cut about strength and determination that became an instant crowd-pleaser. They continued penning new material including the follow-up to “Last Man Standing” called “Rise” and the BetBoyz-produced “Out of My Skin”, a hip-hop house track that proves the musical diversity of the group – Joe actually raps!

When the circuit came calling in the form of Houston’s Jungle Lust 11, the boys knew they had to step up their game. They produced a brand new track of “Last Man Standing” with house music tastemaker Guido Osorio, spicing the tune with Guido’s trademark big-room anthemic beatwork. The new production was debuted during the party’s peak hour and received such high fanfare it has since been picked up and incorporated into the sets of top New York City DJs Tony Moran, DJ DeMarko, and others.

The boys received similar accolades with their performance of “Rise” and were particularly surprised when they noticed people in the crowd singing along.

“I just fell over,” laughs Charles. “I wondered how in the world these people knew our song!”

It so happened that shortly after the guys had finished production on “Rise”, Joe was in Houston at Club Rich’s and gave the CD to the DJ who played it that night. What the boys didn’t know was that the DJ continued to play the song for months afterwards. So when ADAM AND STEVE performed “Rise” in Houston, the local community was already familiar with the song. “It was just amazing,” continues Charles. “I can’t wait to go back.”

Judging from the momentum “Last Man Standing” and their other two releases have received in clubs, ADAM AND STEVE will definitely be standing for a long while.

“The music industry is ready for a shake-up,” says Joe. “Our versatile vocal skills combined with our ability for writing unforgettable hooks make us a force to be reckoned with.”

“Exactly,” agrees Charles. “We’re not about imitating other groups. We aim to be completely original. We truly believe the next musical wave is going to be lead by the fabulous new duo called ADAM AND STEVE! If you haven’t heard of them yet – you will soon.”

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