Yelp helps find gender neutral restrooms

Sun. March 5, 2017 10:15 AM


photo credit // positive results marketing
Yelp has begun rolling out a new business attribute that helps users identify businesses that offer gender neutral restrooms to patrons.

Gender neutral restrooms are those that are accessible to persons of any gender and are a locking, single-stall bathroom. On desktop and mobile versions of Yelp, users will be able to see whether or not a business offers gender neutral restrooms to patrons. The app will soon be adding the ability to search for businesses on Yelp by the Gender Neutral Restrooms attribute.

Yelp will collect information in two ways, by asking users who check into or review businesses like restaurants and retail shops if those establishments offer restrooms that are gender neutral and by allowing business owners to edit the Gender Neutral Restrooms attribute from their business owner account.

Yelp has also announced its participation in an amicus brief supporting trans student Gavin Grimm, who filed suit against his local school board for denying him use of the boys' restroom at his school. Yelp has previously taken a stance on related issues (ref.Arizona, Indiana, Arkansas and North Carolina).

The company expresses support for inclusion and acceptance and aims for it's support for the case and the addition of the new business attribute will help members of the LGBTQQIA community.

From a press release