Ramen and PokÉ will be served in the former Spin Nightclub location

Thu. February 2, 2017 10:26 AM by Ross Forman

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Two restaurants set to open later this year, bringing distinctive flavors to Boystown

Chicago, IL - After nearly two decades servicing the late-night crowd with a series of bars, most notably Spin Nightclub, the northwest corner of Halsted and Belmont is now going the restaurant route.

Furious Spoon Ramen Shop and FireFin Poké Shop will be moving into the former Spin space. Furious Spoon will fill 2,000 square-feet and will open during the summer; FireFin's new Lakeview location will occupy 1,000 square-feet and will open in the spring.

"We love the neighborhood (of Lakeview) and think the community will embrace both FireFin's healthy lifestyle brand and a hip-hop-based ramen brand," said Anshul Mangal, the managing partner for both. "Both concepts fit well in the neighborhood and demographic. The corner is highly visible and we think that both shops could become some of our highest-grossing locations for both brands in terms of revenue."

After all, there already are Furious Spoon and FireFin Poké Shop elsewhere in Chicago. There is a Furious Spoon in Wicker Park, Logan Square and the Revival Food Hall location. A location in Pilsen also will open in the spring. There is a FireFin Poké Shop now at 10 S. LaSalle Street, and the Lakeview location is just one of four set to open in early-2017.

"This area of Lakeview is a great melting pot of Chicago with different cultures, different types of people and a demographic that appreciates both Furious and FireFin," Mangal said. "We get all kinds of customers in our restaurants – straight, gay, black, white, Indian, Asian, families, people of high and low net-worth, (people) from all walks of life. That is what we are all about – we want to cater to people of different races and origins, giving the neighborhood chef-driven restaurants at very reasonable price points. 

"After Spin closed, everything that followed was a nightclub. We aren't trying to be a night club; we are a restaurant. Every location we have gone into, previous restaurants were struggling and looking to make an exit. We've turned each location around."

Furious Spoon: 

Furious Spoon is a Tokyo-style restaurant, best known for house-made noodles from Michelin-star Chef Shin Thompson, loud hip-hop music and a full bar. The Lakeview location will seat 80 and the menu features a variety of homemade noodles and broth. 

The Furious full-bar features beer, sake and cocktails (draft, frozen and signature). 

Ramen prices range from $7.95 (vegetable ramen) to $12.85 for the Furious. 

The interior of Furious Spoon Lakeview will have a similar look and feel to its Wicker Park and Logan Square locations, Mangal said. Guests order at the register and grab a seat at communal tables or the bar. There also will be a ramen bar in front of the open kitchen. 

Hours for Furious Spoon Lakeview are: Sun–Thurs: 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.; Fri: 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.; andSat: 11 a.m. – 3 a.m.

The Furious Ramen and Chicken Shio bowls are fan favorites. The Shoyu is the most traditional. When it comes to drinks, the Furious Margarita, Japanese Mule and Down With O.P.P are favorites.

The Logan Square menu will be the same at Furious Spoon Lakeview. 

Furious Spoon Lakeview will have bar seating for up to 25 guests, and Furious Spoon Lakeview will employ 25, Mangal said.

Nicole Nassif is the Director of Operations for all Furious Spoon locations.

FireFin Poké Shop:

FireFin Poké Shop is a fast-casual, chef-driven concept from Mangal and chefs Rodelio Aglibot, Frank Fronda and Shin Thompson. 

FireFin Poké Shop is very committed to the environment, Mangal noted, and its fish is flown in daily from sustainable sources. 

All bowls are made-to-order, using Hawaiian-inspired ingredients, and are 100 percent gluten-free. 

"We've teamed with registered dieticians to offer healthy menu options under 500 calories for health-conscious fans," Mangal said. "We serve more than 10 signature poke bowls, ranging from $8.95 to $15.95 with menu favorites like Tuna on Fire and the Rainbow Bowl."

 The FireFin Poké Shop Lakeview will feature similar décor to other locations – warm colors with an inviting vibe.

 FireFin Poké Shop Lakeview will be open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, and will employ 10 to 15.

Orville Diaz is the general manager of FireFin at 10 S. LaSalle, and he will step into that role when the Lakeview restaurant opens.

LGBT side of the businesses

"We have managers and employees currently who are from the LGBT community and we will continue to hire the same for any of our businesses or locations," Mangal said. "We will look to get involved in different LGBT organizations around Lakeview and seek out opportunities to see how we can be more involved." 

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