OMG: Kim Chi launches first-ever drag queen app (First Look)

Wed. November 9, 2016 7:25 AM by Anthony Morgano

kimchiji app

photo credit // neverland

Spice up your text messages with emoji’s from Chicago’s own Drag Race Season 8 Finalist

Get ready to slay with "stickers that are equal parts cute, colorful and eccentric" from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 finalist Kim Chi. Chicago's favorite glam queen and Neverland Events & Management have just released the world's first drag queen emoji sticker app: Kimchiji.

"Kim Chi is iconic, and she's one of the most likable queens on the history of RuPaul's Drag Race," Neverland founder and creative director Anthony DiFiore told "Her looks transcend borders and languages. Earlier this year we wanted to find new frontiers that push the boundaries of what drag queens have done to connect with their fans. And let's face it: the stickers are fabulous. Yellow round faces pale in comparison when you can text your friend a Kim Chi face that gets the point across to the T."

DiFiore added, "The best part is that we get to take Kim's colorful life and personality and share it with the world in a way that people can literally use every day."

The stickers available with Kimchiji embody Kim Chi's fabulous style and sassy sensibility. From many iterations of Kim, including an especially glammed out version with with bright pink hair and white fur shoulders, to a red handprint on a hot ass and even Kim's face on a soy sauce bottle, you and the squad will be communicating in style with these fierce and flirty images.

Kimchiji was created by the brilliant team at A Visual Animal -- a firm that has created many of the top emoji sticker apps, including Kim Kardashian's Kimoji.

"We've all seen the success of Kimoji and how it adds excitement to the interactions its customers have with each other," DiFiore said. "We wanted to create this for Kim, who is known for her command of fashion and avant-garde looks. She's created this iconic catalog of looks, and it speaks volumes that someone can see an emoji and be like 'that's Kim Chi!' The fact that we're the first to create this for a drag queen means we can lead the way in expanding the emoji packet, packing each update with new stickers and personality."

Kimchiji is available through Apple for only $1.99 in two different iOS apps: the Kimchiji Keyboard App and the Kimchiji Sticker Pack (compatible with iOS 10 or older). If you're downloading the Keyboard App, check out the easy instructions at to show how to install the keyboard.

The makers also urge Kim Chi megafans to send them their ideas for what emojis and stickers you'd like to see in the future.

"There are limitless possibilities for creating a vocabulary through images that's true to Kim and true to drag," DiFiore said.

What are you waiting for? Just say "yaaaas" to Kimchiji today!