Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West host 15th annual Grabbys

Sat. May 28, 2016 1:56 PM by News Staff

grabbys co-host honey west, 2015

photo credit // anthony meade
Chicago, IL - The annual Grabbys Award Show, better know as The Grabbys, will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary Saturday night at Metro Theater, 3730 N. Clark, in Chicago.

"Stars have flown in from all over the country and world for the most anticipated weekend in the industry," said Grabbys co-producer Stacy Bridges.

The 2016 Grabbys Award Show is hosted by ChiChi LaRue and Honey West. This year's co-hosts are Dallas Steele, Diego Sans, JJ Knight, Levi Karter and Mickey Taylor. 

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"Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West own the stage each year and we feel our co-hosts are some of the hottest and most entertaining in the industry," said Grabbys co-producer Mark Nagel.

The Grabbys Award is presented by Grab Magazine, which is co-owned by Bridges and Nagel, to some of the top talent and performances in the gay adult film industry.

Unlike the similar Gay Video News (GayVN) Awards, which are open only by invitation to participants and journalists, tickets for the Grabbys are available to the public, allowing fans direct access to the performers.

"I think everyone comes back to celebrate the industry every year because it's such a loose, fun event centered around something we all love: sex," Bridges told

The show benefits numerous nonprofit organizations and coincides annually with International Mr. Leather over Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago.

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