Neverland takes on IML with 'Animal Farm' party May 27

Thu. May 19, 2016 9:45 PM by Anthony Morgano

neverland 'animal farm'

photo credit // neverland/fernando castillo

Puppies and piggies and leather, oh my!

Neverland invites you to get down and dirty with the animal inside this Memorial Day Weekend for the first-ever IML edition of their high concept theme dance parties: "Animal Farm." 

The dark, raunchy, Orwellian ode to all things leather, fetish and kink was born (this is the true, uncensored story) when Neverland co-creator Martin Luna jokingly called his boyfriend, and Neverland cofounder, Anthony DiFiore a "pig bottom."

"Before I could formulate a comeback it struck me like a bolt of lightning!" DiFiore told "Pig bottoms... puppy play... George Orwell... Animal Farm. I grabbed my phone and texted Dan Polyak -- one of our awesome graphic designers -- and started rambling about a concept poster. I sent him past covers of the Orwell 'Animal Farm' book, and he took the inspiration and IML'd the hell out of it."

Over the last few weeks, Neverland has teased partygoers by releasing a series of sexy promo photos (two featuring DiFiore himself, who volunteered his hairy chest in lieu of some of their smoother regular models) of men in leather, harnesses and some truly awesome animal masks.

The photoshoot with Fernando Castillo took place in the basement of prominent leather/bondage shop and event sponsor Leather64Ten, located next to Jackhammer, 6410 N Clark (mention Neverland in-store to get 10% off any purchases). General Manager Jorge Vienes consulted on the shoot and with costume designers on the authenticity of the signature products that the Neverland team is creating to set the mood at "Animal Farm."

"Most Neverland parties are this theatrical fantasy that can't get as dark and dirty as I'd sometimes like to, but IML is the opportunity for Martin and I to take the inspiration we see at Folsom and create our own version," DiFiore said. "Everything you see at Neverland 'Animal Farm' will be handmade, from set pieces to leather gear to fetish animal masks. We're honoring the community and adding our own special touches."

On Friday, May 27, Mike Rubio and Timmie Foley are transforming Charlie's into a dirty barn at midnight and Neverland will populate it with sexy men clad in leather, steel and the unique, avant-guarde looks signature to a Neverland production (look out for the puppy and piggy masks crafted by Kyle Krueger.) 

While the team goes as overboard as possible on the visual elements, to the continuing awe of their crowds, DJ SERVING OVAHNESS of Los Angeles returns to Neverland to lead the animal pack. After spinning three years ago, DiFiore has been waiting especially for their first IML event to bring him back, saying that "his dark, upbeat style is the perfect touch for this event."

"Our team has been eager to do an event on IML weekend for several years now, but it can be incredibly tough to get a venue on Memorial Day Weekend," DiFiore told "I've been going to Folsom in San Francisco for the past four years in a row and have been so inspired about bringing leather and fetish into Neverland, a party that generally goes more for fantasy and heavy costuming. Our IML party will be a huge contrast from everything else we've ever done, but we're busting our asses to create an experience that's authentic to the leather and fetish community and that includes all the special elements that define a Neverland party."

With hosts Nico and Imp Queen, "Animal Farm" takes over Charlie's, 3726 N. Broadway, on Friday, May 27 starting at 11 p.m. Tickets are available online or you can pick up hard copies at Egoist Underwear, 3526 N Halsted.

Neverland owners DiFiore and Luna are following up "Animal Farm" with a special Saturday night event at Fantasy (formerly Circuit Nightclub) featuring Carlos G, Miami's most famous after-hours DJ spinning from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. "Lemonade" promises the same sexy, high energy style of music you find at the duo's Neverland and GayGlow parties.

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