Sidetrack launches new frozen drink flavor with Red Bull, celebrating 30-years of slushie drinks at the Boystown bar

Tue. May 3, 2016 8:23 AM by Ross Forman

sidetrack introduces the bull-beri storm

photo credit // sidetrack

Celebrating 30-years of slushie drinks at the popular Boystown bar

As Sidetrack prepares for a Frozen-filled summer celebration for its mega-popular slushie drinks, the Lakeview video bar is launching a new flavored drink. Let's welcome the Bull-Beri Storm, featuring Stoli Razberi and Red Bull Blue.

Drinks started being served on Monday, May 2.

"People have associated Sidetrack with our Frozen beverages for decades," Sidetrack general manager Brad Balof said. The Frozen drinks are the No. 1 photographed drink from the bar, thus, they also are regularly splashed around Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere.

"Customers are very loyal to their favorite frozen flavors and people remember their favorites from year's past," Balof said.

The Bull-Beri Storm is Sidetrack's first frozen drink to include Red Bull, "which is something we've been looking forward to doing for a while," Balof said. Bull-Beri Storm will be available in most rooms of the bar.

Balof said there is no timetable for how long Bull-Beri Storm will be available.

"We are always trying to think of what might work well and when Red Bull launched its color series, I knew it was something we should try," Balof said.

The Bull-Beri Storm brings a fun, fruity flavor that certainly will please as the weather heats up. This cocktail was derived from the winning recipe at Chicago's Stoli Key West Cocktail Classic competition in April where Sidetrack's Lex Reed won and is now going on to compete at the international finals in Key West in June. 

Sidetrack is celebrating its 30th year offering slushie drinks and though no major anniversary party is planned, rumors persist that one is in the works.

Sidetrack will, Balof confirmed, incorporate artwork and its signature frozen drinks into the bar's theme for Pride in June.

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