Gay porn murder trial underway; Brent Corrigan expected to testify

Tue. February 24, 2009 12:00 AM by Brett Anthony

porn star brent corrigan expected to testify in trial

Pennsylvania - The capital murder trial of gay porn star Harlow Cuadra began this morning in a Pennsylvania courtroom after numerous delays.

Cuadra, 27, a former Navy enlisted man and porn star, is accused of the January 2007 killing of rival gay porn producer Bryan Kocis ,44, in Dallas Township.

Investigators allege Cuadra, and Joseph Kerekes, 34, are responsible for the murder. The two allegedly plotted to kill the porn producer in an effort to free Sean Lockhart, known as Brent Corrigan in the industry, from his contractual obligations. They planned to produce a film starring Lockhart and Cuadra which they believed would be worth $1 million.

In opening arguments, the defense said Cuadra is "innocent" and shifted blame to possibly three other people, including Corrigan.

"You'll hear testimony that Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart hated Bryan Kocis, they even wanted him dead," Attorney Joseph D'Andrea said.

Andrew Shunk, a former gay pornographic actor, testified that Cuadra and Kerekes wanted to produce movies Lockhart.

"Cuadra wanted to do pornography films with Sean Lockhart," Shunk said. "(Cuadra and Kerekes) thought if they brought in Sean Lockhart, they would bring in six figures....and it would cause a youth phenomenon."

In today's testimony, Shunk said Cuadra and Kerekes offered Lockhart $50,000 per scene.

Kocis' body was found by firemen responding to a fire at the porn producer's Dallas Township house on the night of January 24. His neck was slashed to the point of near decapitation and his torso stabbed 28 times.

Kerekes pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in December. He is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole after admitting he knew of and helped facilitate the murder.

Kocis' Cobra Video was known for producing pornographic movies that featured barely legal twinks; his most lucrative star was Lockhart, who starred in several videos under the name Brent Corrigan. Lockhart was reportedly underage when he filmed Every Poolboy's Dream, Casting Couch 4, Schoolboy Crush and Bareboned Twinks for Cobra Video.

Corrigan and his business partner assisted in the FBI investigation into Kocis' murder by wearing surveillance equipment that resulted in key evidence against Cuadra.

The trial is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning with Corrigan expected to testify.