Celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility

Tue. March 31, 2015 10:07 AM by GoPride.com News Staff

Tuesday, March 31, marks International Transgender Day of Visibility

Started in Michigan in 2009, the International Transgender Day of Visibility is celebrated annually on March 31. Rachel Crandall, the Executive Director of Transgender Michigan, founded the day to recognize the importance of transgender identities and visibility. Crandall envisioned it as a day of celebration and not merely a day to remember transgender people who have passed or one that solely focused on political action against transgender injustice.

After six years, the day has expanded beyond the borders of its Michigan roots and is now recognized by countries worldwide such as Brazil, France, and Russia. The day has shaped policy changes benefitting the transgender community, though the struggle for transgender rights is far from complete. Its international scope, influenced by its reach across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, has surely raised awareness and acceptance of the transgender community. From its humble beginnings, the day has now turned into a global movement.

According to Crandall, "Being visible is the only way people are going to understand us, to actually see us and to actually meet us. If all they do is read about it, it's not going to feel real to them. They need to see our faces."

While the day is focused on the celebration of visibility, not all transgender individuals maybe ready to come out. The day, however, can provide the much needed stepping stone for others to do so. "If I can make an impact, anyone can make an impact," Crandall stated.

The Center at Halsted is participating in the movement this year by hosting a Trans Day of Visibility Celebration on Saturday, April 4, 2015, helping to raise awareness of transgender issues in Chicago. 

For those who want to participate in the celebration, the Center encourages individuals to "express yourself, be proud, be visible!" Join Man Cave, Intersex Group, Trans 101 and other community groups at the Center and celebrate International Trans Day of Visibility. $5 when you pre-register, $10 at the door. 18 and over. Food, drinks and music provided.