Miley Cyrus, Ashton Kutcher, Audra McDonald criticize Gov. Pence over anti-gay bill

Sat. March 28, 2015 8:22 AM by

Singer Miley Cyrus, actor Ashton Kutcher and Broadway star Audra McDonald are among the celebrities criticizing Indiana Governor Mike Pence for signing a bill opponents say discriminates against gays.

Pence, a Republican, signed the bill on Thursday. It prohibits any state and local laws that "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs.A "person" is defined as an individual, religious institution, business or association.

Opponents argue that such broad religious protections will allow business owners opposed to homosexuality based on their religious beliefs to refuse service to gay men and lesbians.

"You're an a**hole @govpenceIN," the 22-year-old Cyrus captioned a photo of Pence on Instagram. "The only place that has more idiots than Instagram is in politics."

Kutcher also tweeted his disapproval: "Indiana are you also going to allow Christian establishments to ban Jews from coming in? Or vice versa? Religious freedom???"

McDonald, a six-time Tony winner, messaged that the bill takes Indiana back to the 1950s.

"On the phone w/@united so long I forgot what year it was, then saw the law Indiana Gov. Pence just signed & remembered ...It's 1950 #NOHATE," she tweeted.

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