Pat Robertson claims gays 'will die out because they don't reproduce'

Thu. December 18, 2014 9:03 AM by

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday claimed that gays will die out "because they don't reproduce."

Robertson, an ardent opponent of gay rights, made his remarks during The 700 Club's Bring It On-Line segment, in which he answers viewers' questions.

"I've been in church all my life with my family," a viewer named Crystal wrote. "We are not allowed to date. The only ones in my church that are married already knew their partners before coming in to church. It is treated as a sin to show interest or to have a mutual understanding in church with the opposite sex. Most of the people in the church are frustrated because we're getting older and no one is getting married. We pray about the issue but it seems like it is bouncing back. What should I do?"

Robertson criticized the policy, saying that the church was "doomed."

"Those who are homosexual will die out because they don't reproduce," Robertson said. "You have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce. Same thing with that church, it's doomed. It is going to die out, because this is the most nonsensical thing I have heard in a long time."

"This is absurd. God has made us to be in families. God has created a desire of men and women to have attraction to the opposite sex so that they will reproduce and have children," he added.

Robertson advised the woman to "run" away from her church. 


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