After Tim Cook's coming out, Russians tear down Steve Jobs memorial

Tue. November 4, 2014 8:04 AM by

St. Petersburg, Russia - A six-foot-tall memorial in St. Petersburg, Russia celebrating the accomplishments of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly been torn down.

According to Russian media reports, the giant interactive iPhone was removed in response to current Apple CEO Tim Cook's recent announcement that he is "proud to be gay." reports that the memorial has stood in the yard of a St. Petersburg technical university since January 2013.

The memorial's touch screen doled out biographical information about Jobs' accomplishments. The monument also took photos and emitted free wi-fi.

The memorial was commissioned by the West European Financial Union, whose director, Maksim Dolgopolov, said in a press release that the memorial violated the nation's law prohibiting "gay propaganda" to minors. Dolgopolov said that he is considering replacing the monument with one that encourages people not to use Apple products.

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