Catholic Church has fired 17 workers this year over LGBT issues; NYT calls it 'Shameful'

Mon. October 6, 2014 8:05 AM by

The Roman Catholic Church in the United States has fired at least 17 employees this year over LGBT issues.

According to the National Catholic Reporter, only 23 such firings occurred in the previous five years combined.

Most of the employees received pink slips after they married a partner of the same sex or expressed support for marriage equality.

The paper wrote: "It is important to remember these reported incidents are only those made public. If the present pattern of firing persists, the number of LGBT-related firings of and resignations by church workers will almost certainly increase by year's end."

Writing at The New York Times, Frank Bruni called the firings "shameful."

"The blunt truth of the matter is that during a period when the legalization of gay marriage has spread rapidly in this country, from just six states in 2011 to more than three times that number today, Catholic officials here have elected to focus on this one issue and on a given group of people: gays and lesbians," Bruni wrote Sunday.

"Their moralizing is selective, bigoted and very sad. It's also self-defeating, because it's souring many American Catholics, a majority of whom approve of same-sex marriage, and because the workers who've been exiled were often exemplars of charity, mercy and other virtues as central to Catholicism as any guidelines for sex. But their hearts didn't matter. It was all about their loins. Will the church ever get away from that?"

"The couples in question stepped up and made loving commitment of a kind that the church celebrates in other circumstances. For this they were spurned. It's shameful," he added.

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