Nick Jonas on getting hit on by men at a gay club: It was kind of fun

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Nick Jonas says he enjoyed recent appearances at several gay clubs in New York to promote his new single Jealous.

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly PrideSource, Jonas, 22, was asked: "When you show up at a gay club like the ones in New York, do guys hit on you?"

"Yeah, it's interesting," Jonas answered. "Whether it comes from people who are aware of me and my personal life, or the person who was on the microphone saying it, there's a general awareness that I am straight but totally embracing of the gay community. I love my gay fans, so it was just a lot of love, and there wasn't a whole lot of hitting on me and flirting. A little bit, which was actually kind of fun. [Laughs] It was a pretty new environment for me, so I was just trying to take it all in and have a good time."

Jonas also dismissed criticism that he was using his body to reach gay fans.

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I think it's unfortunate that some people have to find a negative in every situation. Clearly my heart is in the right place, and more than anything, if they just looked at my life and my gay friends and the authentic nature of where my heart is, they'd just see that they're kind of ignorant."

"The nature of where we are today is, we're in a time where we need to make strides and step forward as a society and embrace all people from all different walks of life. When you're trying to make a bold statement like that, some people aren't gonna fall in line with that. And that's OK. You gotta stay on your own path," he added.

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