Get ready to be 'Blown' away

Thu. August 28, 2014 7:01 AM by Tom Elliott

A video interview by Tom Elliot with the writers and producers of 'BLOWN: A Story in The Windy City'

Chicago, IL - If you're like me and moved to Chicago from Small Town, U.S.A., then you already know it isn't easy to get settled in Chicago.

BLOWN, a new web-based "dramady" to be released this winter by Winemouth Productions, tells the story of a young gay man's journey of self-discovery after moving to Chicago from a small town. It also explores modern stereotypes and social rules of Chicagoans and examines what might happen if they had the chance to leave out some details about their life when meeting new people. 

In my interview with Nick Kern, Aubrey Stanton and Jon Martinez, the writers and producers of BLOWN talk about their inspiration for the web-series, their exploration of modern stereotypes, and how it all came together. We also get a preview into the life of Elijah, the protagonist in BLOWN, who is a young gay man in his twenties that moves to Chicago from a small town in Virginia to escape his past, only to find out that the Windy City isn't a breeze.

"At one time or another we have all felt the awkwardness of meeting a new group of people, as well as the satisfaction of being accepted by that group," explains Nick Kern. "And that's where our story kicks off."

Elijah's story is a journey of self-discovery. As a newcomer to Chicago, he desperately tries to define himself in a large and diverse gay community but struggles with whether or not to let go of his small town roots. He meets up with his hometown best friend Maura, played by Aubrey Stanton, who introduces Elijah to Chicago's vibrant LGBT community.

"BLOWN is really a story about us," says Stanton. "It's about a group of friends finding their way through life, the challenges they may face and their journey to self-discovery both as a group and as individuals."

While BLOWN was mostly written, produced and cast by gay people, and most of the characters are gay, everyone can relate to this story. Whether gay or straight, a native of Chicago or an implant, you probably know what it's like to be in a new and unfamiliar environment and how overwhelming it can be.

"We're going through a huge human rights movement right now," Martinez remarks, "so we're really excited to bring you this story that not only features gay people but straight people too and ultimately shows people in a light where they're not defined by their sexuality."

The first season of BLOWN has already been filmed and is now in post-production and the entire eight-episode season will be released this winter on both YouTube and Vimeo. In the meantime, the close-knit group of friends is working hard to raise money and promote the show. They are also leaking photos and video clips from the series on their Facebook page.

Winemouth Productions started a $20,000 fundraising campaign on INDIEGOGO to pay actors and crew for their time, to keep the website running, and to cover the cost of production. So far, they have raised $2,150 toward their goal, and the campaign ends at midnight on October 10th. Contribution levels range from as low as $1 all the way to $5,000, and there are different incentives available for each giving level. For more information on sponsorship or to donate, visit their Indiegogo page

Winemouth Productions ( is a Chicago web media based production company, whose mission is to tell true stories of a young generation struggling to find themselves.  


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