Liberty Counsel tweets: Will it soon be taboo to be heterosexual in America?

Thu. April 24, 2014 9:41 AM by

Christian conservative group Liberty Counsel on Wednesday asked followers to weigh in on whether it will soon be "taboo to be heterosexual in America?"

"Will it soon be taboo to be heterosexual in America? Vote for #promarriage," the group messaged to its 4,500 followers.

The tweet was largely panned, with responses ranging from "Stoooopidest tweet of the year" to "You guys got a special kind of stupid going on over there."

The tweet included a link to an Alliance Defending Freedom post alerting members to the recent ouster of six of the seven Illinois Republican officials who last year publicly called to hold a vote on removing former Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady for his support of gay marriage.

Brady made his comments as lawmakers debated a bill allowing gay couples to marry.

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