Huckabee Bows Out, McCain Becomes Presumptive Republican Nominee

Wed. March 5, 2008 12:00 AM by

He took all four, and with Mitt Romney out of the way and Mike Huckabee officially bowing out gracefully, John McCain locks up the GOP presidential nomination with wins in Texas, Rhode Island, Vermont and Ohio.

His victory tonight was somewhat anti-climactic… McCain has emerged as a clear frontrunner for the Republican nomination on Super Tuesday, shortly after which Romney bowed out and offered his endorsement.

With the more than 1,191 delegates needed to take the GOP nomination, McCain is expected to go to the White House tomorrow and receive the endorsement of President Bush.

As McCain emerges the victor on the Republican side, it's still way too close to call for the democrats, and all indication signal that it's going to be a long road ahead.

Notoriously slow to report Cleveland looks to be overwhelmingly Barack Obama, so while Hillary Clinton takes a sizeable lead in Ohio, it could still go either way, CNN is reporting.

Both states are too close to call, which doesn't bode well for the Clinton camp. Going into today's primary, it was the message heard loud and clear—sweep the states or face moving forward at a severe disadvantage.

Clinton took Rhode Island with a sizeable lead, while Vermont went overwhelmingly Obama. Stay tuned for developing information.

Written By Ross von Metzke

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