Google Valentine's Day doodle includes gay couple's story

Fri. February 14, 2014 3:07 PM by

Google's doodle for Valentine's Day includes six stories of love, including one from a gay couple.

The interactive doodle features 6 sweethearts candies captioned with "CRUSH," "MR. RIGHT," "FIRST KISS," "4EVER YOURS," "PUPPY LUV" and "BLIND DATE." Clicking on a candy brings it to life and a story about romantic love is played.

Ira Glass of NPR's long-running This American Life sets the scene for each story.

"Warning this one gets a little heavy," Glass says when a user clicks on the blue "4EVER YOURS."

"We got married on Saturday and on Monday we just went back to our day-to-day lives," a man is heard saying. "And David was getting dressed to go into the office. And I was here in the apartment. It was pouring down rain. All of family and friends were all leaving that day. And I got very sad and started to cry, started to cry. I thought I'd been so exhilarated over the weekend. At the age of 45, was that how old I was when we got married? It was like a teenage, adolescent rush of adrenalin. I didn't know that my body was capable of feeling that anymore. But it had been that experience and then came the crash, thinking, 'This will end someday. This will end.'"

"I thought, 'Yes, my dear, that's true. One of us will die and then the other will die. And it will be over,'" David is heard saying.

"But we have now," he adds.

(TIME magazine has a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the doodle.)

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