Video of son coming out to mother goes viral

Fri. December 13, 2013 10:16 AM by

A video of a young man coming out to his mother has gone viral on YouTube.

The 11-minute video, titled Coming out LIVE to my mom, has racked up nearly 64,000 views 6 weeks.

In the clip, Ryan becomes emotional as he announces his sexuality to his mother in their living room.

"I'm gay," a sobbing Ryan says.

"Oh, that's okay sweetie," his mother replies. "Did you think I'd be mad or something? It's okay." 

"I made this video because when I was contemplating coming out for the last year, I found other similar videos of people coming out to family members on a hidden camera really helpful," the video's description reads. "I noticed that there weren't very many of these videos, so I wanted to create my own to help other people in the same way that I found these videos helpful. If you've created a similar one, I guarantee you I've seen it, so thank you so much for helping me. My mom reacted in an amazing way, and I really hope that all of you have a similar experience."

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