Ald. James Cappleman marries longtime partner, Richard Thale

Mon. November 18, 2013 7:27 AM by News Staff

ald. james cappleman and richard thale

photo credit // facebook
Seattle, WA - Ald. James Cappleman (46th), one of three openly LGBT aldermen in Chicago, married his longtime partner, Richard Thale, Sunday, Nov. 17 in Washington state.

"After 22 years, at last we're married surrounded by family and friends. Can't wait to celebrate the day that's coming soon when other same-sex couples can get married in Illinois," Cappleman posted on Facebook.

Cappleman, 60, and Thale, 57, both preferred to get married in their home state, but kept their plans to wed out of state before the Illinois' new marriage equality law goes into effect June 1, 2014.

The couple entered into a civil union last year, but in October Cappleman told that he was frustrated over the then-stalled marriage equality bill in the House, which brings additional protections for same-sex married couples. 

"Like any other married couple, we want to make sure the legal protections are in place to safeguard our already committed relationship," Cappleman said.

The Illinois General Assembly cleared Senate Bill 10, Illinois' marriage equality bill, on Nov. 5. Gov. Pat Quinn will sign the bill into law on Nov. 20. 

Cappleman and Thale have been together 22 years after first meeting in church. 

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