Lesbian High School Couple Voted The Cutest

Fri. November 9, 2007 12:00 AM by Kevin Wayne

Waukegan, IL - Waukegan High School has a unique "cutest couple" for its 2007 senior yearbook. The couple is two girls and that's causing controversy for school administrators.

Seniors Brandy Johnson and Lupe Silva, both 17 years old, who met during drama class were voted "cutest couple" during an annual poll in October.

Officials originally planned to eliminate the category after voting revealed that the lesbian couple had won but have since decided to include the "cute couple" category in the yearbook which comes out in May. The page will now include a picture of the girls along with five heterosexual couples who received runner-up votes.

The annual yearbook poll solicits nominations in 25 categories that included "best dancer," "best body" and "biggest flirt."

"We've been dating a year. We're pretty well-known in the school," Brandy said told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Our relationship inspired others to be open."