Tom Ridge: Republicans 'oughtta quit being judgmental'

Fri. October 25, 2013 8:42 AM by

Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge addressed gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans on Wednesday night.

In comments to BuzzFeed before his address, Ridge, a Republican and a former governor of Pennsylvania, explained his reversal on marriage equality.

"Life, politics and government is a journey, and our positions on issues as you go along that journey may become more fully embedded or, because of circumstances or other changes, they can change. As you know, when I was governor, I signed [Pennsylvania's] Defense of Marriage Act. Since that time, frankly, my point of view has evolved."

Ridge co-signed an amicus brief organized by Republicans urging the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional Proposition 8, California's now-defunct gay marriage ban.

Ridge went on to chide Republicans who dwell on social issues.

To win national elections Republicans need to "be a more positive and compelling force for change in the 21st Century. You can't change government unless you win elections. Our roots are conservative, but we should be far less – not even far less – we oughtta quit being judgmental."

"You may not agree with me on some of these social issues," Ridge said of Republicans, "but I want you to respect them and don't make them the centerpiece of your political agenda. They shouldn't be there, in my judgment."

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