Chris Christie asks New Jersey Supreme Court to fast-track gay marriage case

Wed. October 2, 2013 8:11 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Trenton, NJ - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, on Monday asked the state's top court to review a judge's ruling allowing gay marriage in the state.

Acting Attorney General John Hoffman cited "far-reaching implications" in making his request to the New Jersey Supreme Court to fast-track the case.

The state's highest court generally only takes cases after an appeals court has reviewed them.

Hoffman also asked Judge Mary Jacobson to delay the October 21 implementation date of her Friday ruling, in which she sided firmly with proponents' arguments that without marriage gay couples in a civil union cannot receive federal recognition and access benefits.The state has denied that it is blocking the benefits, saying instead that the federal government should recognize civil unions.

State Senate Democrats urged the high court to take the case at a news conference on Monday.

"It needs to happen, and it needs to happen now," said Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

State Senator Raymond Lesniak chided Christie for "wasting taxpayer dollars" fighting Jacobson's decision.

"You're defending the indefensible," Lesniak said. "It is inevitable that marriage equality is the law of the land in the State of New Jersey."

The issue is also being played out in the Legislature, where activists are lobbying for a vote to override Christie's 2012 veto of a marriage bill approved by lawmakers. Supporters have until mid-January to hold the vote.

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