Borderline Music closing Lakeview location, plans move to Andersonville

Wed. July 31, 2013 9:09 AM by News Staff

borderline music owner scott jannush with lady gaga, 2010

photo credit // facebook/ scott jannush
Chicago, IL - Borderline Music, one of the only dance record stores on Chicago's North Side, is closing.

After 13 years in Lakeview, owner Scott Jannush, who cites changes in the neighborhood's demographics as a primary reason, will be shuttering Borderline at the beginning of September.

"The neighborhood has changed drastically and it is no longer my market," Jannush told on Tuesday. "In the past the gay community would come into the area to shop and dine, but that isn't the case anymore."

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Jannush said he will close Borderline Music, 3333 N. Broadway, and begin to scout for a new location in Andersonville. 

"I'd say a majority of my regular customers have mentioned that they live up north now and are excited about the relocation," he commented. 

During the transition, which Jannush anticipates will take one or two months, Borderline Music will continue sales on their website,

"Our online business does really well, selling worldwide," he added. "The first step after closing the Lakeview store is to upgrade our online store."

The music store is also offering 50% off of hundreds of titles and back catalog, which includes the Madonna catalog, at its Lakeview location.

Through the years, Borderline Music earned a reputation for in-store events, including Lady Gaga, Donna De Lory, Blake Lewis, Kristin W., Pepper Mashay, Wynter Gordon and Dragonette, but the gay-specific music store has since become a casualty of the neighborhood's transformation.

"I love Lakeview, but one has to change when the market changes," concluded Jannush.

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