More Boystown bars join ban on Russia Vodka

Thu. July 25, 2013 5:42 PM

Chicago, IL - Elixir Lounge, Halsted's Bar and Grill, Hydrate Nightclub and Replay have been monitoring the unfolding events in Russia and we are extremely outraged by the open attacks of the government against the rights of the GLBT community. Effective immediately, we will be pulling all Russian made products from the shelves at all of our establishments. We have been working with our distributors over the past few weeks to identify a premium spirit produced in a country that recognizes and respects the importance and equality of every citizen of the world.

We are pleased to announce our newest partner, Reyka Vodka, a super premium vodka produced in Iceland, a country which boasts full equal rights for the GLBT community as well as being the first country to elect an openly gay woman as a the prime minster and head of government.

Reyka Vodka is a proud supporter of the GLBT community and we are pleased to work with a brand, which shares the same values that are so important to our company, our employees, and most importantly; our guests.

Menu changes were instituted earlier this week and are currently in production that will reflect the changes to the signature cocktails at Elixir Lounge, which have previously been made with Russian Standard, and will reflect the switch to Reyka Vodka.

As a gesture of solidarity to the local GLBT community, the Chicago based Reyka Vodka brand team is making a generous donation to Equality Illinois, an organization which tirelessly fights for equal rights not just here in Illinois, but globally, wherever the equal rights of the GLBT community are compromised. 

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