Reichen Lehmkuhl Speaks About His Seperation from Lance Bass

Fri. March 9, 2007 12:00 AM by Justin Boltz

Reichen talks exclusively to to set the record straight concerning his split with Lance Bass and involvement with Davis Mallory

We all can recall the groundbreaking "I'm Gay" People Magazine cover, featuring Lance Bass declaring his taste for the same-sex along with the confirmation of what people had been speculating for months, his ongoing relationship with reality star and author Reichen Lehmkuhl. But not long after, there began whispers of Reichen's affair with another reality star, MTV's Real World Denver's Davis Mallory. Soon the talk of their brief encounter came with news of Lance and Reichen's parting of ways and a storm of accusations in gossip rags from Mallory himself. Now the other half of this controversy, who has remained gallantly silent about his personal life, speaks exclusively to to set the record straight.

Reichen's open letter to his fans (published on

"Thanks for the note Justin and for caring to give me a voice. The bias on some websites is clear and rooted in comical jealousy and bitterness. As always, I choose to keep the personal and private aspects of my life just that--private. The dynamics, incidents, and aspects of any relationship couldn't possibly be fully understood by the public or anyone else, for that matter, who is not actually IN the relationship. Rumors and stories that "leak" about the on-goings of my life will always be incomplete and fully or partially unsubstantiated, leaving much room for unjustified bias. I can assure you that what you are reading on some of the "leading blogs" and printed publications is inaccurate.

Unfortunately, in this particular case and with this particular person, there are people who will stop at nothing, nor think of anyone other than themselves, to get their name in LIGHTS. The "interaction" I had with this particular person was brief and of bad judgment. I was warned to stay away from him after someone told me that he allegedly asked someone on my management staff on the night that we met, "How do I become a big name out of reality television, like Reichen is?" among other stardom-hungry questions. Upon my departure from Atlanta, this person assured me that he was a "very private" person and that he would allow me to conduct my own life and to answer for my own behavior to my relationship without his interference. By this same person's mouth and keyboard, I was not given even 24 hours to have that luxury, chance, or respect. Maybe I didn't deserve it? I guess that was up to the universe.

This person also told me about his boyfriend (which I understand now that he never had) in order to assure me that he understood the importance I placed on my own relationship.

That I told this person that my relationship was over at any point in my brief interaction with him is an absolute lie, and an obvious way for this person to save his reputation while he is accused of being a "home-wrecker". This person brought this kind of judgment onto himself in his need to go public (and private) with his scandalous story. I have no sympathy for this person's being referred to as a "home-wrecker".

Believe me, I've had to admit many things to the people who matter in my life within the past month, and I'm all about the truth when it comes to them with absolutely nothing to hide. I don't owe that to the public but I owe it to those I care about. But let me go public for a second so I can say with 100% accuracy, once again, that a claim that I told this person that my relationship was over at any point, is an absolute and complete lie. I'm not perfect, but I'm also not that creative or pre-meditative.

So now I'm on the road to salvaging whatever happiness and relationship goals I have left and I'm doing it with truth, dignity, PRIVACY, and on terms that I'm allowed. This constant buffoonery coming from this person and their continued need to chime in on my life and relationship of which he knows nothing about, are sickening but transparent, to say the least. Luckily I have a thick skin, good friends, a big heart that I'm proud of, and a conscience that has allowed me to move on from this incident in a truthful, loving, and empathetic way because of the love I have for the main person and people in my life who this has affected. When something like this happens in the "actual world", there isn't the aspect of public opinion and speculation. That's a tough added part to all of this for me.

I understand the fascination with this story, but I respectfully wish for and ask that anyone outside of my relationship or life to allow me the privacy, peace, and time to heal. Again, I am not perfect, but I can learn from everything that happens in my life, good or bad. I'm focusing on the positive and what I have learned from this. That's the best anyone can do, in my opinion.

I do hope that this un-needed and continued "annoyance" and distraction will be kept from all involved and who have an interest in moving onto a happy life away from those who make it their business to cloud the natural process of healing that exists, if it's allowed to.


Photo: Reichen Lehmkuhl (right) with Chris Beckman from MTV's "Real World Chicago" at a fundraiser at Sound-Bar in April, 2004.