Social media turns red for marriage equality

Wed. March 27, 2013 8:24 AM by News Staff

vampires for marriage equality

Derivatives of Human Rights Campaign's icon become popular

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), known for its blue and yellow equals sign, turned the Internet red when a version of its iconic logo went viral on Tuesday.

"Red is a symbol for love, and that's what marriage is all about," HRC spokesperson Charlie Joughin told on Tuesday. "We wanted to give people an opportunity to show their support for marriage equality in a public and visible way."

As marriage equality activists protested outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, thousands of people changed their Facebook profile photo to the red version of the HRC logo. This type of action has become common in this day and age.

"I love seeing the red sea of solidarity," said David S. Hacket, a gay rights advocate from Chicago. "I'm seeing even more red today. One can only hope it is a huge catalyst for change."

HRC launched the social media campaign on Monday around 1 p.m. (ET). Within 24 hours the photo racked up more than 25,000 likes and 78,000 shares on the HRC's Facebook page.

Politicians and celebrities, including George Takei, Sophia Bush and Lance Armstrong, have joined in support of marriage equality by switching their profile photos.

"For those friends wondering, this special 'red' equality symbol signifies that marriage equality really is all about love. Thanks to the Human Rights Campaign for this effort. Please consider changing your profile today in support—esp if you are a straight ally," Takei wrote on his Facebook page.

"It's very affirming to see celebrities, politicians, organizations and friends openly expressing their support," said Hackett.

Creative derivatives of the HRC image quickly began to appear on Tuesday. (Click here to see some of our favorites - share your favorite with on our Facebook page)

"We never expected anything like this–for it to go viral," Joughin said.

Today the Supreme Court hears arguments regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, which has legally defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman since 1996.