Gymnastics Coach Banned from Catholic School for Gay Porn Past

Tue. March 28, 2006 12:00 AM by

O’Fallon, IL - A tumbling coach who uses the facilities of an Illinois Catholic high-school has been banned after school officials discovered he had previously appeared in gay porn, according to

Twenty-two year old Josh Weast had used the gymnasium at Mater Dei Catholic High School for three years to coach 40 boys and girls independently of the school when the school principal told him he could no longer use the facilities.

Weast admitted to the Associated Press he had made the videos and said he regretted doing so. He said he needed the money, but that his private life should have no effect on his ability to coach.

As of Tuesday morning, Mater Dei Principal Dennis Litteken told reporters at PlanetOut he had no comment.

According to Rick Garcia, the director of public policy for Equality Illinois, Weast's banning "had little to do with the type of porn it was."

“Our religious institutions have special rights and special privileges,” Garcia told the Associated Press. “They pretty much have free rein to do whatever they want.”

Written By Danny McCoy

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