Salvation Army's George Hood: gay unions go against God

Mon. December 3, 2012 6:48 AM by

Less than a week after the Salvation Army's chief spokesperson denied the organization was anti-gay, Army Major George Hood has said that gay unions go against God.

Appearing on cabler Current's Talking Liberally, Hood explained to host Stephanie Miller that discriminating against gay men and lesbians would violate the organization's mission.

"The very mission [of the Salvation Army] calls for meeting the needs of humans without discrimination," Hood said.

He added that the Salvation Army does not give to anti-gay causes or discriminate against hiring gays.

"Many of those things start fueling through blog sites and postings on the Internet. And it's really, really tough to shut them down once they get out there," Hood said.

In comments to the Chicago Tribune, Hood said being gay was "a personal choice that people have the right to make. But from a church viewpoint, we see that going against the will of God."

He also commented on a statement the group issued calling on gay Christians to "embrace celibacy as a way of life." The statement was removed from the Salvation Army USA's website last year.

Hood said it "was a theological statement not meant for an external audience and it was creating a lot of confusion."

Miller, who is openly gay, issued an apology for not challenging Hood's statements on her show.

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