Indiana lawmakers expected to approve gay marriage ban

Sat. November 24, 2012 10:41 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Indianapolis, IN - Gay marriage supporters believe an Indiana effort to ban such unions with a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual couples will clear its final legislative hurdle early next year and make its way to the 2014 ballot.

Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the amendment in 2011. But that vote was taken prior to supporters' historic gains earlier this month. In two states, Maryland and Washington, opponents failed to block laws approved by lawmakers from taking effect. Maine became the first state to legalize such unions at the ballot box, and Minnesota became the first state to reject an effort to ban marriage equality.

In comments to WIBC radio, Republican Rep. Eric Turner, the amendment's author, dismissed the wins, saying those states are more liberal than Indiana.

Turner, however, would not say whether he has decided to resubmit the amendment, which needs a second legislative vote to reach the ballot box.

"We'll have a leadership meeting I would suppose sometime in December and we'll determine what the best plan of action is for that," he said.

Rick Sutton, executive director of Indiana Equality, the state's largest gay rights advocate, predicted lawmakers would approved the amendment and that they would vote on it early in the legislative session.

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