Maine voters OK gay marriage law

Wed. November 7, 2012 2:51 AM by Carlos Santoscoy

Maine on Tuesday became the first state to approve a gay marriage law at the ballot box.

Media sources called a win for Question 1 about 11:30PM ET.

Matt McTighe, campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, thanked supporters in an e-mail.

"Tonight, here in Maine, we proved that voters can change their hearts and minds if we tell our stories and give our fellow citizens a personal connection to the countless families whose lives are impacted by this debate," McTighe wrote.

"Opponents of marriage came into our state using the same recycled scare tactics and misleading ads they've dragged out time and time again."

"But Mainers have heard those lies before."

"We are the first state to win marriage at the ballot box, but I'm confident that we won't be the last."

After a marriage equality law approved in 2009 by lawmakers was repealed by voters at the ballot box, heartbroken supporters vowed to keep fighting.

This year, they decided to skip the legislature altogether and go directly to the people, returning the issue to the ballot.

Polling in mid-Summer showed a large majority (57%) of Mainers in favor, and 35 percent opposed. But as the campaign rolled into fall and opponents released their ads, support began to slip.

A Public Policy Survey released on Saturday forecast a tight race: "If I had to guess this is something more like a 52/48 advantage and at that point it can go either way – this is likely to be a pretty close vote."

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