The Civil Rights Agenda launches transgender rights project

Mon. November 5, 2012 8:39 AM

Chicago, IL - The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA) is launching The Transgender Rights Project, its newest project focused on the transgender community throughout Illinois.

According to a press release, the new project will seek to advance the rights of the transgender and gender-variant communities through policy and legislative advocacy and community education.

"We at The Civil Rights Agenda believe that we are at a tipping point in terms of transgender rights," stated Anthony Martinez, Executive Director for The Civil Rights Agenda. "It is our belief that we should push the rights of transgender individuals to the forefront of the LGBTQ policy agenda in Illinois."

TCRA is assembling an Advisory Committee made up of transgender, gender-variant and queer identified individuals. The Advisory Committee will guide the work of the project and aid in authoring the strategic plan. Owen Daniel-McCarter and June LaTrobe will Chair the Transgender Rights Project Advisory Committee.

"I am excited to be involved with this project because an integral part of it is ensuring that transgender individuals are guiding the work and outcomes," said Daniel-McCarter.

The Advisory Committee is still in formation and TCRA is accepting applications from anyone who identifies as transgender, queer or gender-variant. Email if you would like to be considered.


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