Survivor Moms Launch Women's Online Magazine

Mon. July 2, 2001 12:00 AM by XPresspress

Middletown, MD - Recently, the word survivor evokes images of a popular television series. For the women behind the July 1, 2001 debut of Aribella Magazine ( the term is self-descriptive.

Mureall Hebert and Jamie Roumeliotis met online while each was pregnant -- and battling gynecologic cancer. They formed a bond that transcended shared circumstances to mutual respect and admiration. Each delivered a healthy baby and was told treatment was curative in the spring of 1999.

The two moms joined forces with other gynecologic cancer survivors and built a successful online support and information network to benefit the women who would follow with their own cancer diagnosis. Touched by their experience helping other women, Hebert and Roumeliotis took it a step farther by creating Aribella Magazine. Aribella addresses the issues and concerns that can affect every sphere of a woman's life.

"Dealing with cancer while pregnant, we both recognized the power of the web to provide much needed information, resources, and community," says Hebert. "Women have so many roles. We are always on the lookout for knowledge and information that can help us, or the people we care about," continues Roumeliotis. "Today's woman is informed and savvy; she has to be."

With an upbeat, user-friendly format, Aribella includes articles with an emphasis on health, lifestyle, business, work and family, and current events/issues. Readers are encouraged to make their voices heard through a letter to the editor.

Movie and book reviews, headline news, a monthly horoscope, news for women, a movie finder, and your local weather forecast are just some of the tools available on the site. "Today's woman is actively scouting for information, but she also needs relaxation and downtime," relays Hebert. "Our site is just the right mix."