United Negro College Fund: Digital Divide Crisis Not Necessary

Thu. May 10, 2001 12:00 AM by XPresspress

Fairfax, VA - Computers as low as $300.00 are available to students and faculty members at all historically black colleges at www.uncf.com, The United Negro College Fund's new E-Commerce site. The United Negro College Fund is doing more than talking about the digital divide, the non-profit organization has created an E-Commerce website www.uncf.com dedicated to serving the needs of students, faculty members, and institutional needs at historically black colleges and universities. Together with major corporations like IBM,Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Microsoft, The UNCF is offering low cost computers and software on their website www.uncf.com.

Under the direction of William H. Gray III, The UNCF has invested over 105 million dollars in technology at historically black colleges & universities. "We want to ensure that all students and faculty at historically black colleges and universities are prepared for the globally competitive economy of the 21st century and have access to computers and technology," said William H. Gray III, president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund.

By making available the latest hardware and software at reduced cost to students, staff, and faculty, we're helping to better prepare students for the technologically driven global economy of the 21st Century.