Sixty Year Old Lawyer Becomes Internet Popstar 'Pesha'

Thu. April 5, 2001 12:00 AM by XPresspress

United Kingdom - Pesha believes you can still record in your kitchen and make a world winning single.

The high moral content and positive themes of her songs will attract both worldwide listeners and sections of the public who wouldn't normally listen to pop songs.

Net proceeds from her single 'contact day' will go to Save the Children Fund, an international charity.

The Queen motivated Pesha to write her own songs and distribute them on the Internet. "Last Christmas The Queen invited us to make a difference in the lives of others and I am seeking to do that" says Pesha. "Many of the songs I have written are on contemporary issues."

Pesha regularly deals with the heartbreak of contact with children when their parents separate. She hopes that her song will focus people's thoughts on this sensitive area.

Her first album 'Make a difference' will be released later this year.

Singing Barrister, Pesha, gives up being Head of a UK Barrister's Chambers to become an Internet popstar "Unfortunately time is not expandable' she continued 'so I have relinquished being Head of Chambers so I could reach a wider audience."

'I have tried to write on different levels so youngsters will enjoy the songs and adults will find a deeper meaning.' She mysteriously added

Her genre is a mixture of a classical foundation with a modern, cool look, a new category she calls 'freestyle.' "I have been very fortunate to find George Karapiperis to produce my music. George, who is registered blind, has done a wonderful original job."

"We live in a wonderful world where everyone on the Planet can be reached through the Internet" said Pesha, "It is so much easier today for someone to make a difference in the world."

Her single will be released through her website