Launces 24/7 Dance Radio Player

Fri. May 13, 2005 12:00 AM Radio created in association with Fusion Radio Chicago

Chicago, IL - OutPride Corporation, a Chicago-based not-for-profit company, announces a new compelling music experience with the launch of Radio in association with Pure Pulse Media Group.

The new Internet radio player, on any of the newly-enhanced channels, features the live broadcast of locally-based Fusion Radio Chicago, a successful dance station on the web.

(To listen, just click on the blue button in the top left of any of the Channels)

By delivering music content from the established Fusion Radio, provides its membership with additional content and an enhanced online experience.

In addition to the new radio player, the popular website and its talented team continues to provide a considerable amount of music-related content from a variety of sources and contributors, as well as providing an enhanced marketing platform for musicians and artists.

With today’s exciting announcement, continues it’s commitment as a leading provider of entertainment and information for Chicago’s LGBT community. This coupled with additional innovative technologies, including a free MatchMaker and Market Place directory, reinforces’s leadership position.

About, the website of parent OutPride Corporation, a Chicago-based not-for-profit company, is the leading web-based resource serving Chicago’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. The website, which has consistently been ranked in the top 1% of all websites ( Data), features event calendars, a popular matchmaker, special interest columns, and a comprehensive phone directory emphasizing local gay & lesbian dining and nightlife. partners and contributors provide rich local content channels enhanced by the interactive features and intuitive technologies developed by Utilizing real-time data and exclusive web tools, allows organizations and advertisers to better develop marketing strategies to reach Chicago’s GLBT community.

About Fusion Radio Chicago
Pure Pulse Media Group (Pure Pulse Media, LLC) an Chicago-land based not-for-profit Company, is the parent company of Fusion Radio Chicago, 92x, Fusion Television and The Pure Mix. The companies’ main station Fusion Radio Chicago was the result of the combination of Pure Pulse Radio and Energy Internet Radio and is ranked as the second largest commercial dance station. Currently the company has over 45 various DJ’S and artists contributing to its project and holds hubs in Chicago, Miami and Montreal, Canada. (