Family Pride Coalition Announces New PSA Defending GLBT Parents Equality

Tue. May 3, 2005 12:00 AM by News Staff

Public Service Announcement Features Actor B. D. Wong and Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank

Washington, DC - The Family Pride Coalition, the only national non-profit organization dedicated to securing equality for LGBT parents and their families, has announced the availability of a new 60-second public service announcement (PSA) designed to inform the general public of the controversy surrounding the recent decision by U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings threatening future funding for popular PBS children's show, "Postcards from Buster," for featuring the child of a lesbian couple.

Featured in Family Pride's "Buster" PSA are actor B. D. Wong ("Law and Order: SVU"), U.S. Congressman Barney Frank, as well as Karen Pike and Gillian Pieper, the couple at the center of this heated battle.

Each individual contributed meaningful dialogue as to why Secretary Spellings' actions are so damaging. Congressman Frank pointed out that, "Sadly, there are people who have a political agenda who oppose fair treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, and even more sadly, they take it out on their children."

Wong, a father himself, added, "Secretary Spellings' actions attacked the integrity and legitimacy of all different kinds of family."

The Family Pride Coalition will make the "Buster" PSA available for both broadcast and internet outlets. The PSA is also available online to view at

In addition to producing the "Buster" PSA, the Family Pride Coalition has shown its support of "Postcards from Buster" by broadcasting online the banned episode, entitled "Sugartime." On March 10 of this year, FPC also led a "Virtual Rally on Washington" dedicated to defending family diversity around the country. Participants were asked to contact The Department of Education by phone, e-mail or fax on that day to voice their disapproval of Secretary Spellings' actions against "Postcards from Buster" and demand she recant her incendiary remarks against LGBT parents.

The Family Pride Coalition also initiated an aggressive advocacy campaign designed to educate and inform the public about same-sex parenting. Featuring the slogan "Love & Hate are four-letter words. Which do you want your child saying?," Family Pride began a wide-reaching campaign designed to make people aware of what exactly is at stake in this debate.

Karen Pike and Gillian Pieper also shared the following in a personal statement.

"When Buster the Bunny paid us a visit last year, we never imagined that it would create such a firestorm across the country."

"WGBH in Boston asked our family to participate in an episode of their children's series, "Postcards From Buster." Being long time fans and contributors of Public Television, we were more than happy to open up our home to Buster and his young TV audience."

"Our children grew up watching Buster, DW and the rest of the gang on "Arthur" and they were both proud and excited to introduce other kids to Vermont and to the family and home that they love."

"Then Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings denounced PBS for spending American tax dollars on making this "Lesbian" episode and, so, PBS dropped the show from their schedule."

"This chain of events, beginning with Spellings condemnation of Gay and Lesbian-run families being shown on Public TV as an actual segment of the United States, sent a very clear message to my children: You and your family are not worthy, not valid, and not accepted."

More information about the Family Pride Coalition can be found on their website at