Double Trouble For Online Moviegoers

Sun. January 7, 2001 12:00 AM by Internet Wire

Burbank, CA - That's the question facing Eddie Griffin and Orlando Jones in Touchstone Pictures' new high-octane action/comedy "Double Take." Netizens can take this identity swap idea a step further by exploring the "'Double Take' Alter-Ego Generator" at the official "Double Take" website, By answering a list of questions, users can determine their best "new identity." Change yourself from a movie star to a computer geek, or from an investment banker to a common thief. Isn't this why the Internet was created - so we can pretend to be someone else?

Also at the site, users can create their own music videos using the movie's funky hip-hop sound and images from the film. In addition, hard-core Eddie and Orlando fans will be sure to check out the celebrity photos, profiles and behind-the-scenes factoids on the making of the movie. Best of all, you don't need no subway token to ride this train!

Touchstone Pictures' action/comedy "Double Take," finds successful New York investment banker Daryl Chase (ORLANDO JONES) suddenly on the run and having to switch identities with low-life petty thief Freddy Tiffany (EDDIE GRIFFIN). Until now, Daryl's led a charmed life. However, everything is turned upside down when he is framed for laundering millions for a Mexican drug cartel. Wanted by the FBI, and seeing no other alternative, he makes a run for the border to find the one man who can clear his name. Comedy and chaos collide when, to his horror, he discovers that his new alias, Freddy, is much higher on the fugitive food chain of Most Wanted Criminals than he is. In this "Trading Places" for the new millennium, Daryl finds himself in double trouble from a triple threat: he's one man with two names, fleeing from the cartel, the law - and a little dog, too!

"Double Take" will be released in theaters nationwide on January 12th.

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