Rainbow Grannies End Their Long Journey for Equality

Wed. August 25, 2004 12:00 AM

New York, NY - Elisia and Carrie Ross-Stone, known as the Rainbow Grannies, finished their second cross-country bicycle ride in New York City on July 10, 2004. Riding into Greenwich Village at the foot of Christopher Street, the Grannies were welcomed by organizers of Marriage Equality New York, Front Runners and members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) cycling group known as Fast and Fabulous who accompanied them for the last leg of their 3800 mile journey.

The couple, who are life partners, parents to three grown children and grandmothers to Jareth, age 2, departed from San Francisco on May 2 to begin their arduous trek over mountain ranges and across deserts and prairies. As they pedaled, they stopped to participate in rallies for marriage equality in cities and towns along their route.

While they made their way across the country, Carrie and Elisia met with people face-to-face and told the story of their own family. They talked about the hardship of raising children without legal rights and protections - protections that are only available to legally recognized families. They shared their fears of growing older without the benefit of governmental programs paid for by their tax dollars.

Along the way, Elisia and Carrie challenged stereotypes and confronted lies with their truth. They have a unique ability to redirect the dialogue about same-sex marriage. They reveal to people that they and other LGBT families have needs and desires similar to those held by all American citizens -- the right to a private life where they can enjoy equality, justice and the pursuit of happiness without interference by the government.

The 2004 ride has been captured on film by award winning filmmaker, Keith Wilson who has created a documentary called A Time to Ride. The film documents the Grannies struggle, their courage and their determination in the face of hostility, protests and death threats.

A Time to Ride is not just the story of the Rainbow Grannies. It is about the hope of every LGBT American who has lived their entire life as a second-class citizen. The film tells the story of real gay and lesbian families whose lives are affected by politicians and religious zealots who use fear and ignorance for their own profit and political gain. A Time to Ride will be available for viewing by mid-September to give voters an opportunity to understand what is really fueling the marriage equality controversy. To see a trailer of the documentary, visit www.ATimetoRide.com . Please help to spread the film's important message by organizing a showing in your community before the November 2 election!

This is the second cross country bicycle ride for Carrie and Elisia. Calling their ride the Rainbow Ride Across America, they first rode across the southern US in 2003, from Saint Augustine Florida to San Diego California. Plans are currently underway for the third and final ride from Seattle to Boston during the summer of 2005.


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