Conservative British PM calls for gay marriage

Fri. October 7, 2011 4:17 PM by Jay Shaff

british prime minister david cameron

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Manchester, England - British Prime Minister David Cameron is urging his party and supporters to legalize gay marriage.

Speaking in Manchester, England on Wednesday, Cameron said: "Five years on, we're consulting on legalising gay marriage. And to anyone who has reservations, I say this: Yes, it's about equality, but it's also about something else: commitment. Conservatives believe in the ties that bind us; that society is stronger when we make vows to each other and support each other. So I don't support gay marriage in spite of being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I am a Conservative."

Liberal and Labour party leaders in Britain also support gay marriage, one of the few issues the leaders agree on.

Both Church of England and Roman Catholic Church leaders responded with displeasure, vowing a fight they are unlikely to win.