Gay Democrats Denounce 'Homophobic' GOP Attack On Edwards

Thu. July 8, 2004 12:00 AM by

Washington, D.C. - Republicans have wasted no time in attacking Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards for his support of gay issues.

Claiming that John Edwards "doesn't share the priorities of American families," the GOP is distributing a 23-page document that attacks Edwards' support for LGBT employment protections, the hate crimes bill, and for endorsing state-issued civil unions for same-sex couples.

The document called Who Is John Edwards uses Edwards voting record and statements the North Carolina senator has made on the issues. While all of the material is public record the way it has been put together under the suggestion he would harm traditional families has infuriated National Stonewall Democrats.

"Republicans insist on running a negative campaign that is dripping in pessimism and that is barren of vision," Dave Noble, NSD Executive Director said in a statement.

"It is time for our community to hold the Republican National Committee accountable for its continuous attacks on our families."

When asked about the RNC piece, White House spokesman Scott McClellan called the attacks "perfectly legitimate" and "perfectly reasonable."

"It's perfectly legitimate to talk about the issues and the differences on those issues, as well as to discuss the record," McClellan said. "There are individuals in this race who have records, and those records are a reflection of how they would lead in office."

The 23 page document was sent by the Republican National Committee to reporters at major newspapers across the country shortly after Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry announced Edwards as his running mate.

"It is not perfectly reasonable to attack Democrats for upholding middle-class values," said Noble. "The majority of Americans support employment protections and equal enforcement of hate crimes laws, and it is the Bush campaign that is demonstrating how hateful and out of touch it truly is."

by Paul Johnson Newscenter
Washington Bureau Chief
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