Pumping Justice

Fri. June 25, 2004 12:00 AM by 365gay.com

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - An investigation is underway into an Oklahoma judge caught using a penis pump as he was presiding over a trial.

Attorney General Drew Edmondson has filed a petition to have Sapulpa District Judge Donald D. Thompson removed from office.

The petition alleges that Thompson was caught in the act on numerous occasions by the court clerk and trial witnesses. The Attorney General's complaint says that Thompson shaved his pubic area, applied lube, and slipped on the pump, using it until he climaxed.

Penis pumps are reputed to enhance the size of the organ and are often used in masturbation.

The complaint also says that Thompson, 57, masturbated on a number of occasions in full view of the court reporter.

Lisa K. Foster, Thompson's court reporter for 15 years, first started hearing a noise that “sounded like a blood pressure cuff being pumped up,” the petition by Edmondson says. Foster told investigators she witnessed the judge’s sexual behavior “fifteen to twenty times.”

Thompson fired her after hearing she had cooperated with the investigation into his misconduct, the Attorney General said.

“The actions of Judge Thompson’s in using a penis pump during trial where court personnel, witnesses and juries could either see or hear his actions at the least, constitutes conduct against good morals,” Edmondson said in his petition to have Thompson removed from the bench.

The petition notes that Thompson admitted the penis pump was under the bench but denied using it.

“He testified the pump was a gag gift from a friend,” the petition stated.

Thompson has a reputation for being a tough law and order judge, strong on family morals. He once tried to send a man to prison for life for spitting on a police officer. Prior to becoming a judge Thompson served six years in the state House of Representatives starting in 1975.

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