Eric Guttierez named International Mr. Leather 2011

Mon. May 30, 2011 4:49 AM by Brett Anthony

rollar, guttierez, pamplin and deuder (kneeling)

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Chicago, IL - Eric Guttierez, Mr. Leather Europe 2010, was named International Mr. Leather at the 33rd annual IML Competition Sunday night in Chicago.

Over 2,000 leather enthusiasts packed the Harris Theatre for Sunday's competition. The opening featured David Kloss, the very first International Mr. Leather.

Rick Storer of Chicago's Leather Archives & Museum spoke about the 20th anniversary of the museum, which is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of leather lifestyle.

Then Founder and Executive Producer Chuck Renslow took the stage and commanded the envelope, where he announced Anthony Rollar, Mr. San Diego Leather 2010, as Second runner-up, Douglas "D" Pamplin, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011, as the First runner-up and then Renslow named Guttierez International Mr. Leather 2011.

Guttierez bested a field of over 50 contestants, from across the U.S. and around the world. Participants were judged on stage presence and personality (Pecs and Personality), leather image, presentation skills, and physical appearance.

Jim Deuder, sponsored by NYC Bootblack Roundtable, Leathermen NYC and The Eagle NYC, was named International Mr. Bootblack 2011.

Loki Madmonk of St. Louis was named Second Runner-up and Jake from Toronto was First runner up in the Bootblack competition.

In 2010 Tyler McCormick, a female-to-male transgender man who uses a wheelchair, won the International Mr. Leather title.

The Judges for the 33rd International Mr. Leather competition are: Tyler McCormick, Albuquerque, NM – International Mr. Leather 2010; Nikitas Chondroyannis, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Workshop Facilitator for Greek Ministry of Culture and Head Judge for Mr. Leatherman, Vancouver; Massimo Fusillo, Rome, Italy – Founder and Past President, Leather Club Roma; Bill Hoeppner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Co-founder and Board Member, Ft. Lauderdale Leather Pride Weekend and is International Leather Boy, 2008; Sarah Humble, Arvada, CO – Co-founder of FIST, Baltimore MD and LA&M Board member and current Project Manager of the Women's Leather History Project; Adam Latham, San Diego, CA – Producer of Mr./Ms. San Diego Leather and is Mr. San Diego Leather, 2004; Douglas Connors, Ottawa, ON, Canada – 2004 Pantheon of Leather-Canadian Regional Winner and is Mr. Leather Ottawa, 200; Vern Stewart, Washington, DC – Infamous Leather Community Columnist; Trooper, Detroit, MI – President of ICON, Detroit and is Great Lakes Boot Black, 2009. 

IML began in 1979 when about 400 gay leathermen gathered in Chicago. Today thousands gather in the Windy City over Memorial Day Weekend for what has become an annual tradition for the leather community. 

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